Systems, Processes, Efficiency, Education, and Determination

SPEED Training is a 1 day workshop focused on using Technology and Systems to run an efficient insurance agency.   We combine multiple strategies from email templates (over 60 custom templates are included), BOD, books, corporate training, and more to show you how to create an outstanding customer experience.  Whether you are a brand new TICA or a tenured agent, you & your staff will bring hours back into each and every work day by implementing these concepts.

SPEED started in 2016 when Sean Morton was asked to speak at a SF Fall Planning conference.  A Colorado Sales Leader was putting together a presentation focused on preparing your agency for technology changes by the year 2020, and how to use systems & processes to run everything.  Sean has background in technology and has gone from doing everything in his agency (production, service, BOD, etc.) to relying on our processes to coach his team on how to run the business.  Sean made the transition a few years ago, and it has been a game changer. After going back and forth on ideas, the Sales Leader finally just asked him to present at the conference on how he runs his agency.

This led to an in depth Workshop a few weeks later and has grown from there.  Sean now does a Workshop every month or so in the Denver area, and a few others across the country throughout the year.  We’ve worked with everyone from brand new TICAs, long time agents, Chairman’s Circle Agents, MOA Agents, Trophy Club winners, and everyone in between.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you at a workshop soon!