We’ve developed a better way to train your team, stay on task, and not miss important deadlines.  You’ve probably tried to keep track of everything using Outlook reminders, Office Manuals, Staff Meetings, Mobile Phone Reminders, old school desk calendars, and everything in between, but nothing seems to work… Until Now!

When you take that 1st call in the morning, your entire day can get blown up.  The Email Training Program hits your inbox with a coverage reminder, word track, or a reminder to pull a report at the exact time you’ll need it.  No longer will you have to manage your to do list in multiple areas.  Let us train and tell your team what to do, and you simply hold them accountable.

Training & Organization

Reinforce the concepts we train on in the Workshop.  Make everything a GREEN experience.

As soon as you register for the SPEED Training Workshop, you and your team will receive a trial of the Email Training Program.  Give it a few weeks to see if it works for you, and we can also set custom reminders for you & your agency.  This program starts at $30/month through our online store.

Report Reminders

Never miss an opportunity.  Examples include: Vehicle Loans, Production Manager, P&C Premium, and more!

Have Some Fun!

It’s easy to get distracted with all that goes on in your office.  The Email Training Program reminds you and your team to track what’s important, get better every day, and to not forget to have fun every month.  Never forget the promise you made to take the team to lunch if they sold XX.  Set a monthly promo in your agency for your team to qualify for a fun team builder.  This system is customizable for you to focus on what’s important!

Daily Training

You & your team will get tips on Life, Health, Bank, & P&C products.  These include word tracks, product information, as well as tips and tricks to become a master at our entire portfolio of offerings.

Payroll & Commissions

Don’t chase your team down to issue their sales, and automatically notify them when their paystubs are available.  Agents are reminded of when their paychecks are available to assist with payroll forecasting.

Agent Only List

As an agent myself, I built this program based on my needs for organization, tracking, and accountability.  We simply have too much thrown at us from every direction, and this system helps you make sense of it all.  Examples include promo tracking, SMPs, pending sales, Control D reports, Underwriting, and more.  If you use your email inbox as your To Do List, this is the program for you.


How often do you distribute a call list to your team, only to find it hidden in a drawer weeks later?  This program reminds your team to pull and work the lists AND report their results back to you.  Put your agency on autopilot with this built in accountability.  

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