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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the schedule?

Our schedule is located on the top menu or by clicking here.

I don't see my city on the schedule. When are you coming to a city near me?

We will most likely be doing Zoom Webinars throughout all of 2022.  When we are back on the road, we’ll start with the cities with the most interest.  You can vote for a Workshop in any city by clicking here.

Which team members should attend SPEED Training?

We recommend that you bring as many team members as possible, starting with office managers and agent aspirants.  Anyone who is working with the customers over the phone or in person should attend.  If you have a separate Sales team that is not primarily responsible for customer service, we recommend they attend a future class once the rest of the team has implemented these strategies (if budget does not allow for everyone attending at the same time).

Does the agent need to attend, or can I just send my team?

It is recommended that the agent attend the class along with your team, but not required.  There is a lot of accountability built into these processes, so agents that do not attend may not be able to implement as quickly as ones who do.

Do you do training for Study Groups?

Yes!  Organizing a training for a study group is easier than other classes because you already have a group of engaged agents who want to get better. 

There are 2 important considerations:

  1. Are team members able to attend?  If your study group meets at a vacation spot, most likely your team members are back at the office.  The team uses the SPEED systems on a daily basis, so it is beneficial for them to attend in person.
  2. How long are your meetings?  We want to be respectful of your time together.  Our workshop lasts a full day, so if you are used to hitting the beach or golf course by 2pm, it may be best to work with us on your schedule.

I attended as a Team Member, and now I have my own agency. Is there a discount?

There is no price discount, but we do offer payment plans.  There is a tremendous amount of work done to create custom email templates for each office, so the price is the same regardless of tenure.

Is there a discount for TICA agents?

TICAs don’t exist anymore!  There is no price discount, but we do offer payment plans.  There is a tremendous amount of work done to create custom email templates for each office, so the price is the same regardless of tenure. 

**If you are in your 1st 12 months of agency, we will extend your Cloud Trial to 2 months ($100 value) when you attend the Workshop.

Is there a discount for husband & wife agents?

There is a tremendous amount of work done to create custom email templates for each office, so the price is the same regardless of whether your spouse attends on behalf of their agency.

Can I purchase the Email Templates and other course materials separately?

Yes!  Simply register for a class, but don’t attend.  As long as you’ve paid and signed the dislaimer, you will receive all of the same content.

We also just launched our Cloud Membership option, which includes all of the products and email templates, and you DO NOT need to attend a class.  For more information, please visit the Demo Page.

Can I record the Workshop for training with my team?

No.  We do not allow video or audio recording of the class.  We will ask you to leave the class with no refund if it is discovered you are recording the class.

Is the Workshop approved by State Farm?

Because SPEED Training does not have a Master Services Agreement in place with State Farm, we are a Non-State Farm Vendor.  We have worked closely with compliance on this Outside Business Activity, and we have raised no concerns.

It is important to keep in mind the differences between Vendors, Non-State Farm Vendors, Unauthorized Entities:

  • Vendor: Specific vendor in which State Farm has an approved Master Services Agreement in place and the scope of the vendor services received are within the scope of the agreement.
  • Non-State Farm Vendor: Many non-State Farm vendors (including agent-owned businesses) agents use do not cause concern; however, agents may not use and non-State Farm vendors where:
    • There is connectivity to State Farm systems and/or
    • State Farm customer/consumer information will be shared

    Any vendor that does not have an agreement in place with State Farm or the services received from an approved vendor are outside of the scope of the vendor’s agreement with State Farm.  State Farm does not generally dictate what non-State Farm vendors an independent contractor may use.  It is the agent’s responsibility to ensure that the vendors they engage with do not raise concerns.

    SPEED Training do not connect to State Farm systems, no consumer information will be shared, and we have raised no concerns.  Agents are allowed to use SPEED Training!

  • Unauthorized Entity: Agents should not use an unauthorized entity.  This is a specific entity that State Farm has identified as being unauthorized for use by State Farm due to the risks posed to State Farm by engagement with the entity. If an agent does use an unauthorized entity, it could impact the trust relationship between the agent and State Farm.

Can we have the class at a State Farm location?

We are unable to conduct these workshops at a State Farm corporate location.  State Farm has not reviewed or approved this material, and neither supports or endorses the material presented. Additionally, State Farm makes no warranty regarding the accuracy or usability of the information contained in the presentation.