Original Workshop + Follow Up Plans

Now Combined into 1 Class!

We took the best content from each class, threw out the fluff, and kept the price the same.  We’ve got it all covered – efficiently providing outstanding customer service to poliycholders, automating your processes, and consistently following up with prospects who have requested insurance quotes from your agency.


8 Hours Over 2 Days

No travel expenses, no time away from the office, no brainer!

90+ Email Templates

Customized content you can use immediately for daily correspondence with current customers and prospects who have requested quotes.

4+ Follow Up Plans

Follow the ECRM Plans so nothing slips through the cracks. Included are time frames, task step names, and task descriptions.

Alumni Pricing Available

The 1st person is $714, and then additional people are $314 each.
Alumni agencies are $314/person.

15+ Outlook Email Signatures

Reply & forward professionally to everyday transactions.

30+ Custom Text Scripts

Simply copy and paste into SFConnect for things like late pays, signature forms, appointment confirmations, quotes, and more!

10+ Quote Delivery Ideas

Look professional, bring value, no winging it!

Google Reviews!

Built in scripts and links to your custom Google Business page for customers to easily leave you a 5 Star Review!

1 Month Free Trials are Included!


All products in one place with always current email templates for you and your team.

BOD Trainer

Follow our BOD Process in our online intuitive tool.  It is like painting by numbers!

Get Better Newsletter

Daily emails with product knowledge, timely reminders, and more for agents & team members to run an efficient agency.


A series of automated task reminders that guarantee the right message at ther right time.

Digital Business Card

Make it simple for your prospects and customers to save your office info to their phone.

Email & Video Training

Daily emails and/or videos for personal development and culture building.

Agency Foundation

Creating outstanding customer experiences drives everything we do – but we don’t spend a ton of extra effort in doing so.  You’ll learn how Sean went from producing the most applications in his office to managing the systems & processes that lead to huge results in production and retention.

Email Templates, Text Scripts, Signatures

Email templates drive a lot of the SPEED Training Systems.  If you have to spend more than 30 seconds thinking about how to word an email, call timeout and check the folder for pre-written emails, text scripts, and signatures.  

Tech Tips

What are the possibilities if each one of your team members had an extra 30 minutes back in every single working day?  We’ve got tips and tricks for every piece of the day – it starts from the time you log into your computer, Bod Report, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Adobe, Excel, Word, and we finish with tips on optimizing your workstation.  


We start at 9am and go until about 1pm each day of our 2 day Zoom webinar.  SPEED starts with an overview of how you can deliberately “architect” your agency using multiple strategies to create a “Green” positive experience for your customers, while freeing up time for your team to accomplish more each and every day.

We cover how we’ve turned the BOD report into a retention and sales tool as opposed to a thankless service role that takes up the entire day.  Next, we move on to the rest of the 50+ templates that we use to increase sales, document conversations, and create accountability with the agent on what is happening in the agency on a daily basis.  We finish with over 2 hours of technology tips that will bring hours back into you and your team’s day – this is the fun part that we continue to update with new tips for each class.

Our goal for you is to be able to implement these strategies in your office on the next business day.  We give you the tools you will need to take your agency to the next level:

  • Custom Email Templates ready to go out of the box
  • Signatures – Training & scripts on when to use them vs. templates
  • Technology Tips to optimize your workstation
  • BOD Systems to find missed sales opportunities
  • Documents that you can edit to create a professional appearance
  • SFConnect – Training, scripts, optimization
  • Simple Conversation – Preparation, documentation, etc.
  • Much more!

Who Should Attend?
We recommend the agent attend with their office manager and additional team members who work with clients on a regular basis.  Once you have the systems implemented, agencies will typically send their new hires and sales people.  The feedback is that team members can see the immediate benefit of doing the SPEED system, so there is less push back during implementation.  Once your entire team is on the same page, it is a game changer.

Live Classes: (on hold due to COVID) $899 for the 1st person from each office, and $499 per additional person. Alumni are $499/person.  We need an RSVP to secure your spot.  Seating is limited and is on a first come basis so please reserve your seat early.  Only paid seats are guaranteed, and the cost of the workshop can change depending on location.

Zoom Webinars: $714 for the 1st person from each office, and $314 per additional person.  Alumni are $314/person.


More Information / Training Videos:


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Custom Email Templates


SPEED started in 2016 when Sean Morton was asked to speak at a Fall Planning conference.  A Colorado Sales Leader was putting together a presentation focused on preparing your agency for technology changes by the year 2020, and how to use systems & processes to run everything.  Sean has a background in technology and has gone from doing everything in his agency (production, service, BOD, etc.) to relying on our processes to coach his team on how to run the business.  After going back and forth on ideas, the Sales Leader finally just asked him to present at the conference on how he runs his agency.

This led to an in depth Workshop a few weeks later and has grown from there.  Sean now does a Workshop every month or so in the Denver area, and a few others across the country throughout the year.

I am committed to helping you experience how systems, processes, and technology can be a game changer in your agency.   If you are on the fence, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.